How to report your lost or stolen ATH® card in Mi Banco using the desktop version

  1. To report a lost or stolen ATH® debit card, you must first login to Mi Banco Online at Enter the security parameters: username, security question or two-step verification code (if required), and password. Then press Log In.
    If you have not registered in Mi Banco yet, click on “Enroll now!” and fill in the requested information.

  2. Once you access your profile, in the menu on the left side of the screen, please select Account Services to report the lost or stolen ATH® card.

  3. In the ATH® Card section, click on the plus sign (+) that appears next to the Report your ATH® Lost or Stolen option.

  4. Select the account associated with the lost or stolen ATH® card.

  5. Select the lost or stolen ATH® card that you want to report.

  6. Select the reason for reporting the ATH® card (Lost or Stolen).

  7. Enter the Merchant/ATM Location, City and Date of the last transaction.

  8. If you notified the Police, enter the Place of Notification, Dispute Number, and Date of Notification.

  9. Press Send to confirm the report of the lost or stolen ATH® card. Done! You have reported the lost or stolen ATH ® card.

  10. To request a replacement ATH® card, please click on the Request a new ATH® card option in that same ATH® Card section.

  11. Once you are redirected to the page showing the ATH® card’s information, press the Apply Now button.

  12. Enter your personal information: first name, paternal last name, maternal last name, Social Security number, date of birth, telephone number, email, residential address, mailing address, account number, type of account, and the type of ATH® card you want to request. Then press Continue.

  13. Lastly, check your personal and account information; if correct, press Apply. Done! You have requested a replacement for the ATH® card.

    You should receive the new card in approximately 10 business days. After receiving the new card, you must:
    • Activate it immediately. Learn how here.
    • Assign a PIN through Mi Banco Online or visit a branch.
    • Update scheduled payments with other payees.
    • Update your information in ATH Móvil. Learn how here.
    • Destroy your current card as soon as you activate the new card.

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