How to recover your Mi Banco username from your desktop?

  1. To recover your username with the web version of Mi Banco, go to and click Forgot your username?

  2. The system will ask for the email address you used to enroll in Mi Banco, and to confirm it in the space provided.

    IMPORTANT: The email address you enter must be the same you used to enroll in Mi Banco. If you have changed that email address, use the most recent. If you do not remember the email address, contact TeleBanco Popular®.

  3. Once you have entered the email address, you will see a message on the screen confirming that the recovery link has been sent to your email.

    IMPORTANT: Check all email inboxes: Main, Spam and Junk email. If you do not receive the email, click Request new link.

  4. Once you receive the email from Mi Banco, press Click Here.

    IMPORTANT: Many providers group messages with the same address and title. It is important that you check the date and time of the email to ensure that it is the most recent.

  5. Fill in the requested information: Social Security number, date of birth and click Next.

  6. Enter the number of the primary account (with which you registered your profile) and the personal identification number (PIN) of the card. Click Next.

  7. On the screen, you will see the username of your Mi Banco profile. We recommend writing it down and storing it in a safe place. Click Log in and access your online banking.

    Si tienes Mi Banco Alertas activado, estarás recibiendo una notificación con el cambio.

Need more help?

We are receiving an extraordinary volume of calls, which is affecting our waiting times. We appreciate your understanding and your trust in us.

Call us at 787.724.3659 or Access Mi Banco Online (desktop version), log in by entering your username and password, and in the upper part of the website click on “Contact Us”. From there, write your message, and we will gladly assist you.

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