I Can't See Check Images

If you cannot see check images in your account statements through My Online Banking, follow these suggestions:

  1. Verify that your computer has the Java software. If not, download it for free at: www.java.com.
  2. Once you have done that, please Delete Cookies from your computer:
  3. Internet Explorer:

    1. Click Tools, Internet option, Delete Cookies.
    2. Erase the Temporary Internet Files in Settings, View Files, then click TOOL BAR: Edit, Select all and then Delete.
    3. Close and start a new browsing session. Access www.popular.com and verify check images.


    1. Click Tools, Options.
    2. Select Privacy, click Show cookies and click Remove cookies or Remove all cookies. Then click Close.
    3. Close and start a new browsing session. Access www.popular.com and verify the check images.


    1. Click on the Safari name located at the upper left menu.
    2. Click on Block Pop-Up Windows. The browser should allow you to remove or place the Pop-Up Blocker.
    3. Click on the Safari name at the upper left menu to delete cache and cookies. Click Reset Safari and select with a check mark Empty the cache and Remove all cookies; click Reset.
  4. If your computer has a POP-UP BLOCKER installed, this application can disable the page from showing additional Internet pages.
  5. We recommend you to have the latest version of your Internet browser.
  6. If you are trying to access Internet Banking from your office computer, security restrictions that may not allow you to access the site. If the situation persists after updating the settings of your browser, please e-mail us again with the error message so we can refer it to our Programming Department.

Need more help?

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