Insurance Renewals

Insurance policies are valid for one year, so the renewal process is done on an annual basis.

On loans whose regular mortgage payments include a portion to pay for insurance, we will make the payment directly to the agency and/or insurance company on the due date.

On loans whose regular mortgage payments do not include a portion to pay for insurance, you must send us the new policy and a payment certification before the policy renewal date.

Email both documents to our Insurance unit at: Please remember to write your loan number on all documents.

If we do not receive evidence of your paid policy, we will purchase a policy at your cost, as required by current law, 45 days after notifying you of the expiration of the coverage.

Remember that Hazard or Flood insurance policies, if required, must be renewed annually during the life of the loan. When the loan is canceled, we will ask the insurance company to eliminate Popular as the mortgagee. If the property guarantees more than one loan, you must keep the policy active.

To request the replacement of a policy, you can send us the new policy at least 30 days before its expiration date so it can be paid with the funds held in your escrow account.

If you send it after 30 days of its expiration date, it must be submitted with a Payment Certification.

All documents related to insurance premiums must be emailed to:

Property Damage

In the event your property is damaged by fire, hurricane, earthquake, or flood, you should immediately contact your agent or insurance company to file a claim.

It is important that before contacting the company, you:

  1. Prepare a written document with a detailed explanation of the specific damages, including:
    • Physical address of the property
    • Name of the Insured
    • Policy number
  2. This document must be filed with the insurance company as soon as possible for their review. In addition:
    • Take photos and/or videos as evidence of the damages claimed
    • Once the insurance claim has been submitted, you must provide evidence to update our records. Email it to

If you cannot find the insurance policy number, our staff can provide it along with the insurance company’s contact information.

Important: During this process, you must continue making your regular mortgage loan payments.

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