How do I start a transaction with Retiro Móvil?

  • Access Mi Banco Mobile app and select Retiro Móvil on the main screen to schedule a withdrawal.
  • Select the account you wish to withdraw from. This account must have an active ATH® card or International ATH® card. Otherwise, the application will not allow you to continue.
  • Choose the amount you wish to withdraw from the list provided.
  • Tap For Me if you are scheduling a withdrawal for your personal use, or tap For Someone Else if you wish to send the withdrawal to other person. Remember you have the option to select a phone number from your device’s contact list.
  • If you prefer you may enter a message or brief description for the transaction you are completing.
  • Tap Continue to confirm the transaction.
  • The app will provide a transaction confirmation with the information for the scheduled withdrawal:
    • Retiro Móvil For Me
      Tap Scan when you arrive at the participating Banco Popular ATM. Follow the instructions provided on question number 7.
    • Retiro Móvil For Someone Else
      Tap Send Information from Retiro Móvil to send a message to the phone number for which the withdrawal is scheduled. This message will include a link for the receiver to go to a page with instructions that will help them complete the withdrawal. You may edit the message or add your own text.

Need more help?

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