Why should I activate 2-Step Verification?

Automated models or bots are being maliciously utilized to crack passwords used in social-media accounts, online stores, and internet banking, among others. Your information and credentials could be compromised if a hacker manages to crack your password and gains access to your accounts.

2-Step Verification provides double security to your Mi Banco account. If we ever detect unusual activity on your profile, you will receive a security code via text message or by call to confirm your identity before accessing Mi Banco. This second step protects you if a scammer tries to access your account. You can choose if you prefer to receive the code always, or when we determine suspicious activity.

Need more help?

We are receiving an extraordinary volume of calls, which is affecting our waiting times. We appreciate your understanding and your trust in us.

Call us at 787.724.3659 or Access Mi Banco Online (desktop version), log in by entering your username and password, and in the upper part of the website click on “Contact Us”. From there, write your message, and we will gladly assist you.

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