I have my credit card, but I'm seeing transactions in my bank statements that are not mine and that I did not authorize. What should I do?

To report or claim transactions:

  1. For credit cards, call us at 787.758.0505 o 1.800.268.8274.
  2. If the card to report is an ATH® International VISA (ATH with VISA logo), please call one of the following telephone numbers, available at your convenience:
    • Spanish: 787.724.3650 or 1.888.724.3650, 787.777.8464 (Fraud)
    • English: 787.724.3659 or 1.888.724.3659
    • Deaf people: 787.753.9677 or 1.800.981.9666
    • In case of emergency: 1.800.396.9665
    • Collect: 303.967.1098
  3. A representative will listen to your claim and cancel the credit card.
  4. You will receive a new replacement card by mail. There is no cost for replacing credit cards. There is a $25 fee if you want to receive your cardthe next day, through the Fast Card service. There is a $5.00 fee to replace ATH® International VISA cards lost or stolen.
  5. Popular will take the appropriate steps to investigate transactions identified as unauthorized. You will receive a letter in the mail with the result of the investigation.
  6. The unauthorized transactions of your account will be removed, if applicable, after the claim has been evaluated.

For credit cards

Call us to report any unauthorized charges to your credit card.

  • 787.294.2580
  • 787.777.8464 (fraud)
  • 1.877.294.2580
  • 1.800.673.5065
  • Collect 312.935.3683

Need more help?

We are receiving an extraordinary volume of calls, which is affecting our waiting times. We appreciate your understanding and your trust in us.

Call us at 787.724.3659 or Access Mi Banco Online (desktop version), log in by entering your username and password, and in the upper part of the website click on “Contact Us”. From there, write your message, and we will gladly assist you.

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