How do I request foreign currency?

You have three options for requesting currency:

  1. By telephone: You may call 787.722.3240 to request foreign currency and coordinate at which branch you want to pick up the funds in two or three business days.
  2. At a branch: Clients with or without a deposit account may request foreign currency in any of our branches. Go to the branch host or hostess with an acceptable and current ID, make the request and in two or three business days you will be notified to return to the branch to pick up the funds.

    If you need currency right away*, visit the Foreign Exchange office, located at Stop 22 in Santurce or the LMM Airport branch, both places available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  3. Automated teller machines (ATMs): We have several automated teller machines that dispense euros. They are located at LMM Airport, Popular Center, Plaza Las Américas, Plaza del Caribe, Mayagüez Suau, Arecibo San Luis, Stop 22 in Santurce and The Mall of San Juan.

*Currency available at the moment: euros, pound sterling, Mexican peso, and Canadian dollar.

Need more help?

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