Branch and ATM’s service hours and addresses

There are 3 ways to use or Locator: in a computer, mobile web app or using Mi Banco App. Popular’s new locator service helps you find branches and ATM’s in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, based on your current location. Allow your browser to provide your location, then search for a city or zip code, or select a region.

Using your computer or mobile web app:

  1. 1. Open your web browser and click on the following link:
  2. You have two search options:

    • Search Bar: Search by city, zip code or location name
    • Filters: Search by the services offered in the branches or ATM’s Click on the name for more detailed information of your chosen branch or ATM. You may view its address, phone number, service hours and driving directions.

Using Mi Banco App:

  1. Open the icon of
  2. Choose your location (Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands)
  3. Select Branch + ATM Locator
  4. Choose By Municipality or Near Me
    • If you choose By Municipality, the next screen will show a list of cities in Puerto Rico. Choose the one you prefer, and you’ll get a list of all the branches located there, with their street address, service hours and phone numbers.
    • If you choose Near Me, you’ll get a map with the branches and ATM’s near you. Branches are identified with the bank’s logo and the ATM’s with a dollar sign.