How to register in Mi Banco from your Android?

  1. After downloading Mi Banco application to your Android device, press Enroll to begin the process.

  2. Enter your personal information: first name, last name, mothers maiden name, email address, date of birth, Social Security number and security code. The system will ask what motivated you to enroll. When finished and after verifying that the information is correct, click Next.

  3. Once the personal information has been entered, the system will ask your primary account information.
    If using your deposit account, enter: 9-digit account number, card number and card PIN number.
    If using your credit card, enter: credit card number, expiration date, security code and zip code.
    If using your mortgage or car loan, enter: loan number, year of origination and monthly payment.

  4. Enter the Username that you will be using for your profile. It should consist of letters and numbers only, between 8 to 20 characters. To confirm that you may use the username you entered, click the Check availability button. If the username you entered is not available, the system will provide other options to choose from.

    To assign a password, use one that is between 8 to 15 characters. A combination of letters, numbers and a capital letter is required for the password.
    Once this is confirmed, select Next.

  5. Choose three (3) security questions, answer them and confirm each answer. Click Next. Answers are not case sensitive.

  6. Once you have all information documented, read the Terms and Conditions of Mi Banco and Internet Banking Service. Select the I Accept box and then click Send. You are all set! You now have access to your online banking.

Need more help?

We are receiving an extraordinary volume of calls, which is affecting our waiting times. We appreciate your understanding and your trust in us.

Call us at 787.724.3659 or Access Mi Banco Online (desktop version), log in by entering your username and password, and in the upper part of the website click on “Contact Us”. From there, write your message, and we will gladly assist you.

We encourage you to consult the following information regarding useful and accessible solutions for you.