Property Taxes (CRIM)

You are required to keep property taxes up to date. At Popular, we have a unit in charge of assisting you in these processes.

If your regular mortgage payment includes a portion to pay property taxes, Popular will make the payment directly to the Municipal Revenue Collection Center (CRIM by its Spanish acronym), taking advantage of a 10% discount offered by said agency.

CRIM is the agency responsible for determining and collecting property taxes. The agency bills twice a year; the first bill is in July (first semester) and the second in January (second semester).

It is important that you review the bills CRIM sends out every six months. Please take the following recommendations into account:

  • Send the tax bill or notice to Popular, except if the property is exempt (it does not require property tax payments). If you do not receive the bills, go to your nearest CRIM office, and request a copy of the bill or a debt certification from the agency showing the portion or amount to be paid on a semi-annual basis
  • Notify CRIM of any change in the property title (if there is a change in ownership of the property). Remember that prior consent of Banco Popular is required

You can email the documentation to: Remember to write the corresponding mortgage loan number on every document you send.

If your mortgage payment does not include this portion, it is important that you make sure to keep your property tax payments up to date. Remember that this debt can constitute a lien on the property, and it can be detrimental when you decide to sell it.

Frequently asked questions related to Property Taxes