FAQs Mi Banco Alerts - Text Messages

Mi Banco’s alert system allows you to receive instant alerts about balances, payments, transfers over the internet, changes to your personal information, and other transactions.

What is SMS or text messaging?

SMS are the initials for Short Messaging Service. This is a technology that enables you to send and receive text messages on your cellphone when you are in an area that has cellphone service.

How do I activate text-message alerts?

First, sign up for the Mi Banco Alerts service and register your cellphone number. In the Edit Accounts section, assign names to your accounts in the Mi Banco Mobile field. Once you have signed up, request to receive basic information sending a text message to 277776 and typing the information you wish to know (ex. Balance). Consult your options at https://www.popular.com/en/mi-banco/online/alerts/.

I forgot the nickname I assigned my account in Mi Banco Online. How do I recover it?

Send a text message to 27776 (BPPRM) with a question mark (?) followed by the username you use to connect to Mi Banco Online and you’ll receive a text message with the name you have assigned to your account. Example:

  1. Go to the text message menu on your cellphone.
  2. Send to: 27776
  3. Message: ?username (Ex.: ?john12345)

You can also connect to Mi Banco Online and go to the Edit Accounts section to see the nickname you assigned to each of your accounts.

How do I know whether my telephone is able to receive text messages?

Most cellphones are compatible with the SMS service. Contact your cellphone provider’s customer service number for more details.

Can I receive text messages on my cellphone without having requested them?

No. You’ll only receive messages with your account balance information if you have requested them. Banco Popular will never send messages to your cellphone with information related to your account unless it’s been requested by you.

If I receive a promotional message from the service, does that mean I’m signed up for it?

No. Cellular service providers can send you messages advertising their alert services, but you are the only person who, via Mi Banco Online, can sign up for the service.

If I sign up for the Mi Banco Mobile alert service, will my telephone number be shared with cellular service providers for telemarketing purposes?

No. Banco Popular will not share your cellphone number with anyone. Cellular service providers block unsolicited messages, or SPAM. Contact your cellular service provider for more details about receiving unsolicited messages.

Will my bank account number appear on my cellphone screen?

No. You’ll only see the nickname assigned to your account and the last four digits of your account number.

Does Banco Popular charge for this service?

No. Banco Popular will not charge your bank account or your cellphone account for these services. For information on the plans and charges associated with text messages, contact your cellular service provider. As a general rule, charges for text messages depend on the plan you have with your cellphone provider.

Can I sign up for the text message service from my cellphone?

No. You can only sign up to receive text message alerts via Mi Banco Online.

Can I request my account balances from a cellphone that is not my own?

No. You’ll only receive text messages with your account information on the cellphone you have authenticated on Mi Banco Online. If you want to change the telephone that is registered, you’ll have to connect to Mi Banco Online and change it.

Is the text message alert service secure?

We have taken the following measures to ensure that your banking information is secure:

  • You’ll only receive text messages on cellphones authenticated in Mobile Banking. If you would like to register, you need to have a username, password, and secret questions in order to connect to Mi Banco Online. To sign up for Mi Banco Online, go to https://www.bancopopular.com/cibp-web/actions/enrollment?lang=en
  • We will only send the nickname of your account and the last four digits of the account.
  • If an unauthorized person gains access to your cellphone, they will only obtain information on the balance of your accounts if they know the nicknames you assigned them. This ensures that you are the only person who can obtain the account information. In addition, on Mi Banco Online you can change the information about your cellphone.

What do I do if I change cellular service providers?

If you change cellular service providers, even if you keep the same telephone number, it’s important that you connect to Mi Banco Online and update this information in the Mobile Banking section.

If I lose my cellphone signal while it’s sending the balance request, will my balance be exposed so that another person is able to see it?

No. Your information will not be exposed. If your cellphone signal is lost, the message will be on hold until you get a signal again. When you have a signal again, you’ll receive the message with the balance.

I sent a message to 27776 (BPPRM) to obtain my balance and I haven’t received it. What may have happened?

If you didn’t receive the message, several things may have gone wrong:

  • If when you send the message you see that your cellphone gives you a message like “Message not sent”, you may not have activated the text messaging service with your cellphone provider. Call their customer service line for more information.
  • Your text message inbox may be full. Be sure you erase old messages so you can continue to receive new ones.
  • There was some sort of communication problem. Contact your cellular service provider for more information.

I sent a message to 27776 (BPPRM) to obtain my balance and I received an error message. What may have happened?

Here are a list of the most common error messages and their explanations:

  • ERROR: “Invalid account nickname. Send a message to 27776 with ? and Online Banking username (?yourusername)”: This indicates that the registered account name does not agree with the name you assigned to the account on Mi Banco Online.
  • ERROR: “Cell phone not registered. Sign in to BPPR Online Banking and register for MOBILE banking”: This indicates that you have not signed up for the service or that the telephone you are messaging from is not registered and authorized to receive your account information. Connect to Mi Banco Online and verify the information you registered with the alert service.
  • ERROR: “Username not registered. Sign in to BPPR Online Banking and register for MOBILE banking”: This indicates that the Mi Banco Online username you wrote in your text message (?yourusername) is not correct. Be sure to write your username exactly as you write it when you connect to Mi Banco Online.

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