What is identity theft?

Identity theft occurs when someone uses another person’s personal information without his or her authorization with the intent to commit fraud or other crimes. Those who commit identity theft use non-public personal information which may include:
  • Demographic information such as your name, Social Security number and phone number, date of birth, physical and/or postal address, among others.
  • Credit information (used to make purchases and/or apply to a credit card and/or obtain access to your accounts)
What does Banco Popular do to prevent identity theft?
At Banco Popular, we are constantly monitoring your accounts and we maintain controls to prevent identity theft. Even so, external situations may occur in businesses and offices that may expose your personal information. In those cases, as soon as we become alerted or our systems detect any unusual activity of a possible act of fraud or a compromised credit or debit card, we take measures to prevent the identity theft and unauthorized transactions by sending you a new card and/or contact you through several channels—regular mail and email, text messages and/or a phone call.

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