What can I do to prevent identity theft?

  • Store documents with personal information such as your Social Security number, ID cards, birth certificates, passports, and so on in a safe place.
  • Don’t share your passwords or the access codes to your checking accounts, savings accounts, or credit or debit cards with anyone.
  • Choose passwords that are difficult to guess or copy.
  • Shred credit and debit cards you’re not using and letters you receive from the bank that you no longer need to keep.
  • If you’re no longer using a computer or cell phone, delete all personal information from them, including passwords.
  • Delete non-public personal information from your social media profiles.
  • Connect to the Internet over secure connections requiring passwords.
  • Don’t record your passwords on your cell phones or computers. If those devices should be stolen, the thief or hacker will have immediate access to your accounts.

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