What can you do to protect yourself by accessing online from your cell phone?

  • Make sure your smartphone operating system is updated, keeping you protected with the latest security changes for your device.
  • Avoid accessing your accounts through public Wi-Fi networks, such as those offered in fast food restaurants, libraries, or recreational parks.
  • Avoid storing passwords or answers to security questions on paper, pictures, or applications such as Notes, where the information could be accessed.
  • Do not jailbreak your smartphone operating system. This makes the device more vulnerable to malicious software attacks and removes any protection provided by the manufacturer. It would also void the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Only access and make purchases at secure online sites. Make sure their addresses begin with ‘https’ (which means the security measures are more thorough).
  • If you lose your smartphone or change your phone number, please access Mi Banco Online immediately to remove your old contact number and disable Mi Banco Alerts service.
  • Protect your device with a password so others won’t be able to access it.
  • Enable the automatic screen lock whenever the device is not being used.
  • Keep record of your device’s brand, model and serial number in case it is stolen. This will be helpful if you need to notify your smartphone service provider.

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