Mi Banco & Web Cash Manager℠

  • No. Canceling this service does not involve any fees.
  • Yes. To make this change, please choose any of the following options:

    • Call the Commercial Support Center at 787.756.3939 or 1.855.756.3939

    • Contact your Relationship Officer

    • Stop by your nearest branch

  • Yes, you can make transfers between accounts, in real time or on a next-day basis, using Web Cash Manager℠. To make these transfers, please follow these steps:

    1. 1. Go to popular.com

    2. 2. Click on the Sign In button and select Web Cash Manager℠

    3. 3. Login to your Web Cash Manager℠ account

    4. 4. Go to the Bank Transfer Module and choose the first option: Make a transfer

    5. 5. On that page, fill all the boxes.

    6. 6. Click on Continue.

    7. 7. Check that all the transaction’s information is correct and then click on Send.

    8. 8. After going through all the steps, a screen will appear with the transfer results. Click on OK and you will have completed the process.

  • Web Cash Manager℠ has, as an option, the Positive Pay Module which is a security tool to protect your account. This module provides a solution to prevent fraud with checks. Popular will compare daily the checks issued by the client against the checks for payment received by Popular. Popular will not pay any checks that are not on the list of issued, unless authorized by the customer. This service helps prevent acts of check fraud and allows you to have a daily control of the checks paid.

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