Web Cash Manager℠: ACH Module/ Business Payments

  • You can make payments to the United States through the electronic payment modules ACH and Wire Transfers. In the case of suppliers outside the United States, it would be exclusively through the Wire Transfers module.
  • The benefits of paying electronically are:

    • Electronic payments provide greater access to financial resources
    • Security. There is no risk of losing the check on the way to the branch
    • Convenience
    • Control. Electronic payments are easier to monitor
  • Electronic payments will be processed instantly, if they are made before 5:00 p.m. on a business day. If the electronic payment is made after 5:00 p.m. it will be processed on the next business day.

  • The main requirement to sign up for Web Cash ManagerSM is to have an open FlexiCuenta de Negocios® or B-Smart® account. If you meet this requirement, you can contact your Relationship Officer or go to your nearest branch to contract the service.

  • Web Cash Manager’s ACH Module allows you to:

    • Login to your accounts at any time.

    • View balances and transactions in real time.

    • Make a Direct Deposit of your payroll. Charge customers, individuals, or businesses.

    • Pay suppliers. Make payments to utilities such as water, electric power, telephone, among others.

    • Assign users and multiple access levels.

    • Create custom reports.

    • Make wire transfers to the United States or other foreign countries.

  • No, Web Cash Manager℠ does not have a maximum amount set on transactions.

  • Yes, the Web Cash Manager℠ ACH Module allows you to make your employees’ Administration for Child Support Enforcement (ASUME, by its Spanish acronym) payments.

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