Acceso Directo

    • Acceso Directo is a payment card that allows you to electronically deposit your employees’ payment, salary, or benefit, either weekly, biweekly or monthly.
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    • If your employees do not have a bank account, you can make payroll payments using the Acceso Directo service. This service offers your employees a card to which you can make a payroll deposit.
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  • Yes, Acceso Directo is a service aimed at business clients.

  • Acceso Directo includes the following fees:

    1. $4 fee for card replacement.
    2. $0.50 fee for checking balances or withdrawing at ATMs, after the first 10 transactions.
    3. $5 inactivity fee.
  • No. Acceso Directo provides only one card per employee.

  • Acceso Directo cardholder employees can call 787.722.7219 or 1.866.900.7219.

  • The card is automatically rendered inactive, without prior notice, if two conditions are met:

    1. The card has a balance of less than $20.
    2. No transactions using the card have been made in the last 6 months.
  • The Acceso Directo card does not have an expiration date.

  • Even if an employee is fired or has resigned, they can keep the card and use the remaining balance.

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