Mi Banco Comercial and QuickBooks®

Now, Mi Banco Comercial offers the option to export reports on your transactions and balances to QuickBooks®, making the accounting process easier for your business and the management of your finances, with no additional cost.

How to export data to QuickBooks® from Mi Banco Comercial:

  1. Log in to Mi Banco Comercial using your Username and Password, as usual.
  2. Click on the Account Services option on the left menu of Mi Banco Comercial’s main page.
  3. Once you are in Account Services, click on the Export Transactions option.
  4. Select the account from which you wish to export your transactions.
  5. You have two options for exporting your transactions:
    • You can export all of your transactions, or select a specific range of dates.
    • To export all your transactions, select Download all transactions of as shown below.
  6. To export from a specific range of dates, you should identify the start date (“From”) and the end date (“To’) of the desired range.
  7. Next, choose the format of the file to export: Intuit QuickBooks®.
  8. Click on the Download button.

Once you are in QuickBooks®

  1. Access QuickBooks® and select the option File>Utilities>Import>Web Connect Files.
  2. Select the file (.qbo) that you obtained from Mi Banco Comercial.
  3. Choose the account configured in QuickBooks® where you will place the transactions and click on Continue.
  4. A message will appear on the screen confirming that the data was succesfully transferred.
  5. Sample: Checking Account.

To export reports, you must have access to QuickBooks® 2013 or recent versions.
QuickBooks® is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc.

Need more help?

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